Travels Abroad

The rewarding experience of traveling abroad is meeting people with different backgrounds, eating authentic foreign dishes with new and different flavors, trying their traditional beverages, and experiencing, as a whole, the culture of other countries. Most of my travels abroad have been solo trips, with a one-way ticket on hand and the budgeted money in my pocket, always backpacking. This style of traveling has always given me the opportunity to explore, in my own way, every region of a country, giving me the possibility to talk and share stories with locals. I am very lucky (and grateful) that people have always taken time to guide me through their town without me asking for it :)… One time, I asked directions to get to a B&B place, and this awesome Irish lady just offered me a ride to get there; another time, a cool young English girl working as a food-server in the hostel (where they offered continental breakfast), fixed for me my lunch for the couple of days that I stayed there for free; one other time I asked directions (while riding the subway) to get to my airbnb place, and the nice young Polish guy just walked me all the way to the door of the house (and he even helped me carrying my backpack); some other time, I asked locals for recommendations of places to visit in town, and this kind German family (mom, dad and their 3 kids) simply adopted me for a whole day taking me to the different touristic places; I do have more stories like theses, so many that would be difficult for me to write them all here.




Central & North America


Travels within the US

I am amazed of how different the landscape, the weather and even the lifestyle is in every single state within the US. Being born and raised in a smaller country than the US, I never experienced such diversity until I moved to US.